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Coffee Atlas of Ethiopia

Coffee Atlas of Ethiopia


Description Ethiopia is the birth-place of coffee, the home of wild Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica), and the largest coffee producer in Africa. Coffee drinking is an important part of Ethiopian culture and society. Ethiopian coffee is renowned for its wide diversity of flavour profiles, including the celebrated coffees of Gesha, Harar, Limu and Yirgacheffe, and for its association with forest-based farming systems.
The Coffee Atlas of Ethiopia maps the coffee landscape of Ethiopia, showing where coffee is (and could be) farmed, and the location of wild Arabica coffee forests. The maps include the main coffeegrowing origins, coffee towns and coffee delivery centres, as well as other useful features. The maps are accompanied by introductory text on geography, coffee use and consumption, botany, the coffeegrowing climate and environment, coffee farming, harvesting and processing, and an overview of the main coffee areas. The Coffee Atlas of Ethiopia is an essential resource for anyone working with, or interested in, coffee, and serves as a key geographical reference for Ethiopia.

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