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25 Magazine - Issue 11

25 Magazine - Issue 11


Issue 11 of 25, SCA's quarterly publication, gives voice to the specialty coffee community around the globe. Featured in this issue
  • Opportunities Ahead
  • The Cost Conundrum by Andrea Estrella, Steve Boucher, and Christoph Saenger
  • Mapping the Complex: Designing a Map of the Global Coffee Sector by Jenn Rugolo and Kim Elena Ionescu
  • Less Strong, More Sweet by Mackenzie Batali, Carlito Lebrilla, Jean-Xavier Guinard, and William D. Ristenpart
  • Come Together
  • The Fallacies of "Youth": Finding New Solutions for Young People in Coffee Growing Communities by Joanna Furgiuele
  • Beyond the Stereotype by Jonas Leme Ferraresso
  • From Road to Cup: A Glimpse into Philippine Coffee by Jessica Hernandez
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