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Book - The Coffee Brewing Handbook


 Coffee brewing creates the illusion of being a simple process. In fact, it is a very complex interaction of many variable, all of which must be tightly regulated if the resulting brew is to become a delicious beverage. This handbook presents the science behind the craft of controlling the vatiable to achieve your desired result. The Coffee Brewing Handbook represents the lessons learned over a 20 year period of identifying, understanding and resolving coffee brewing problems encountered in the food services industry.

The Coffee Brewing Handbook is on the reading list for the SCAE Coffee Diploma System; Barista Professional Module


 In this 60 page handbook, author Ted R. Lingle takes brewers through the step by step process of creating a product worthy of the Golden Cup Award, a much sought after coffee industry accolade. Follow along as Lingle takes you through all the steps including grinding the beans, proper coffee brewing temperature, coffee filtration techniques, and analysis of your finished product. Lingle bases his instruction both on historical precedent as well as current industry practices. 


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