Book - Water Quality Handbook

Book - Water Quality Handbook

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 This Handbook is designed to provide the reader with the necessary information so that they can make intelligent, informed and cost-effective decisions regarding the testing and treatment of water. The first chapter offers a brief description of terminology and discussion of water itself. The second chapter describes the attributes of coffee and how the brewing process can be affected by the quality of the water. The final chapter outlines six steps for dealing with water quality issues.

The Water Quality Handbook is on the reading list for the SCAE Diploma System, Barista Professional module.

The Water Quality Handbook is a publication aimed at guiding coffee brewers in the important, yet often overlooked, aspect of water quality control. Authors David Beeman, Paul Songer, and Ted Lingle give brewers a step by step, but not over technical, description of how to get your water to SCAA Golden Cup brewing quality - a standard of excellence. With this essential Water Quality Handbook you can make sure every cup is a Golden Cup.  


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