The Essence of Coffee Brewing

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The second book of COFFEE ANALYSIS CENTER’s technical series “Essence of Coffee Brewing” has been published in late 2015, which is packed with the result of over 14 years of researches and analysis carried under the slogan “The pivot of coffee production technique is the process standardization”. It suggests the optimum solubles yield and concentration by bean grade based upon the comprehensive researches, and explains all brewing variables affecting the quality of cup. Especially the book contains outstanding achievements that one can directly calculate and adjust the solubles yield by bean quality through CAC established scientific formula. The precise calculation program suggested by CAC is the result of vast researches for coffee solubles, the most prominent data among all other analytical data. The formula came up from CAC Technical Data №406, №407 [A proportional relation of TDS weight and liquid conductivity], it provides the figure of solubles yield down to three decimals (ex, Solubles Yield 15.001%) only simply by measuring liquid’s conductivity. Anyone can get an accurate figure of solid yield and concentration by using EC Meter (Electro Conductivity Meter, measurement range covers espresso (max. 12㎳・㎝) as well as brewed coffee (max. 3,000㎲・㎝) and it costs minimum 50₤) This book contains 1 supplement metal card which contains various CAC calculation formulas and solubles yield/concentration by grade table.

Please note that the Author of this book is Korean and has provided the English translation alongside the Korean text for our members. Please be aware that this product is shipped from source and may incur duty charges.

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