The Essence of Coffee Roasting

£375.00 GBP

A masterpiece of coffee technology book for professional coffee roasters and coffee lovers! The book contains coffee roasting techniques and roasting analysis theories, over 110 graphs, microscopic data and descriptions. You will be amazed with this in-depth and wide leading-edge technology linked to coffee roasting. The book is technical book of coffee roasting and analysis from the COFFEE ANALYSIS CENTER. Thoroughly addresses physical characteristics of coffee bean and process of roasting with leading-edge analysis techniques. The book includes a process model for optimizing green coffee's character, and describes the details with English text and over 1500 photographs. All of technical data in this book is 100% based on the result of research, measuring, and experiments with physical science equipment at COFFEE ANALYSIS CENTER in korea. We proudly dedicate this book to all who desire to become a professional coffee roaster and coffee specialist. You will be surprised twice! One by its unimaginable specialty information in this book, and the other by realizing the depth and proficiency of techniques of coffee.


Please note that the Author of this book is Korean and they have  provided he English translation alongside the Korean text. Please also be aware that this product is shipped from source and may incur duty charges.

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